All the things I love...

All the things I love...
All the things I love...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

To buy or not to buy...

I've been contemplating my next purchase and these are three items my wardrobe needs. (Don't take the needing too literally because as far as my mother is concerned, all I need is an extra shoe closet.)
  • A Celine trio clutch. Simple, elegant and easy to use.
  • A white ceramic Armani watch. Because I wear a lot of black this watch would really pop!
  • A striped straw Burberry hat. Just look at it! This hat just adds that extra touch to each spring/summer outfit. (And with the weather in Belgium it can keep my head dry on a rainy day.
At the moment my favourite is the Celine trio clutch. Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Ik maak ook graag van die wishlists :)
    Het hoedje is niet zo mijn ding. Is misschien wel leuk om af en toe eens te dragen in de zomer, maar dan zou ik een goedkopere versie kiezen.

    Die clutch daarentegen is super mooi !
    new outfit post

    1. Ik vind het een zalig hoedje, maar het prijskaartje is inderdaad wat aan de hoge kant...

      Het zal waarschijnlijk de clutch worden.

      Thanks for the advice!

  2. Hey there nice blog! I like the white watch did you buy it? Do you live in the french part o Belgium?




    1. Hey Luisa,I've checked out your blog and it's very nice! I have not yet bought any of these items, but I'm still contemplating the watch or the clutch... When I finally make a decision I'll make a post about it on my blog!

      I live in the Flemish part of Belgium, not that far from the French border and only a 3 hour car ride from Paris :)